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What are the advantages of using temporary & contract services?

Approximately 70% of most business expenses are directly related to labour costs. Through Great Connections, you can significantly cut your labour expenses and save time. Here's How:

  • Temp contracts allow you to convert fixed staffing costs to variable by matching your labour needs to the workload and by hiring only what you need, when you need it.

  • Transfer ALL labour costs to Great Connections. We will cover:
    • WSIB premiums and claims
    • All payroll duties: CPP, EI, Vacation pay
    • Bookkeeping costs to cover payroll
    • Advertising costs
    • Save on unnecessary overtime costs, sick pay, and avoid employee turnover issues

  • Save time by allowing our hiring experts to screen, interview, and assess candidates.

Temporary to permanent employment

Any employee who is on a temporary assignment through Great Connections Employment is always eligible to become a permanent employee of the client. Our goal is to provide employees that you would consider worthy of hiring permanently, whether they are on a temporary assignment or not. Should any Great Connections temp employee strike you as being a candidate for permanent employment, the agreement for this type of service is based on the length of the temporary assignment, and the remaining hours of the contract (if any). Contact your Great Connections customer care Rep. for more information on employee transfers.



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