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At Great Connections we are setting new standards in the staffing industry. Our permanent placement program has become a popular resource for many companies who have discovered the efficiency and simplicity of customized hiring for long term positions through our service. GC knows that staffing your company with dependable, competent employees is more challenging now than ever before. Soaring employee turnovers can lead to major productivity losses which can cause havoc in the workplace. At GC we have recognized this as a universal problem and as a result have had to evolve and develop new strategies unique to GC with the aim of recruiting the most reliable, proficient employees possible.

GC's Permanent Placement Process

When a client comes to us for help in filling open positions, they are instantly provided with a GC Account Manager/Customer Care Rep. Your representative will tend to your every need and provide you with customized HR solutions by establishing an understanding of the job environment and by coming out to visit the worksite in person, whenever possible. At that time we immediately begin to start our search for suitable candidates. Utilizing our database which consists of approximately 20,000 pre-screened candidates, our highly skilled hiring experts begin to contact suitable candidates for thorough secondary prescreening, including reference checks, comprehensive interviewing, and testing (as applicable). The client also has the option of interviewing candidates directly as well.

The Great Connections Guarantee

GC guarantees results! Every permanent placement is covered by a 90 day guarantee so the decision to hire is practically risk-free. This guarantee is effective from the first day of employment and continues for 90 days. Great Connections Employment will make every possible effort to find the perfect match for the position or, replace the candidate at no extra cost, if the client is in anyway unsatisfied with the placement. Our aim is to please and prove results.



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