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Privacy Statement

Great Connections Employment Services Inc. ("Great Connections") is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, applicants and employees. Great Connections strives to consistently meet or exceed the Provincial privacy requirements and fully supports all of the national and local privacy laws.

Consent and Protection of personal information:

Great Connections ensures that all personal information collected remains private and protected unless the individual grants full consent for any information to be released to an interested third party. Great Connections will inform our clients, applicants, and employees about the information we gather, how we will use it, and whether it can be released to a third party. When candidates apply for any position, Great Connections requests that applicants provide personal information such as name, addresses, phone numbers, and previous work experience. Great Connections may also ask for personal information that maybe considered "sensitive," such as a social insurance number which is necessary to process payroll and/or health benefits. We recommend that you do not disclose such sensitive information (e.g., social insurance number) on the initial resume or curriculum vitae (CV) until you are officially hired. All third party vendors, suppliers and clients to which personal information may be released will have been carefully screened to ensure their Privacy Policies meet or exceed the legislated requirements. Clients: For those customers who participate in any of Great Connection's various online procurement systems, we will ask for personal information necessary to fulfill the staffing request.

Information Accuracy:

Great Connections will make every effort to make certain that all personal information collected remains up to date, accurate, and complete. Individuals are encouraged to update Great Connections if there are any changes to their personal information. Great Connections allows individuals access to personal information they have provided in order to offer the ability to correct or make any changes to it.

Retention and Security:

Great Connections has set forth fixed retention time frame restrictions based on Provincial Employment and Labour Standards and will retain personal information only for as long as is outlined in the applicable legislation. Great Connections respects all the information provided by any person and will take every possible preventative measure to ensure that personal information is protected from unauthorized usage, and is not lost, altered, or misused in any way.



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