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IT Placements:

Great Connections Employment works closely with a wide array of IT companies, and provides all different types of IT graduates for placement. Our expertise in IT staffing allows us to efficiently fulfill the needs of our many types of clients. Qualified IT professionals can be hard to find, but Great Connections Employment can ease the search process significantly by using our extensive database of qualified candidates. Whether you need a web developer or a network administrator, our professional recruiters have your best interests in mind. Our extensive prescreening process involves an evaluation of technical skills, extensive reference checks, as well as in-house testing, and is used to evaluate all applicants. When our clients allow us to take care of their IT needs, they can focus on their interior competencies - their business.

Why use GC IT staffing services:

  • Great Connections Employment Programmers provide immediate expertise in the technologies needed.
  • Great Connections can provide immediate productivity with little or no training.
  • Companies only have to use the Great Connections Employment Services expertise as long as it is needed.
  • If a company needs a project done quickly, hiring a qualified IT professional though Great Connections Employment is a much faster process than trying to find the right permanent employee.
  • By using Great Connections Employment Services we relieve you from all government / administrative documentation. Candidates are placed on Great Connections Employment Services payroll. We take care of all government taxes, workers compensation benefits, payroll and unemployment liabilities, holidays and vacations, and WSIB (workman's safety and insurance).



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