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Interview Tips

Here are six simple tips to help you prepare and be ready for an interview:

1.    It's a good idea to DO SOME RESEARCH about the company you are doing the interview with, knowing about what's in store for you and expressing knowledge about the company can be invaluable. Your Great Connections Hiring Rep. can help you by providing details about the customer's work environment, requirements and work attire.

2.    BE ON TIME! In order to make a good first impression, punctuality is extremely important. Showing up late to an interview can ruin your chances of getting the job. It is recommended that you even show up 10 minutes early.

3.    BE PREPEARED. Be sure to bring extra copies of your resume to the interview just in case. Also be prepared for small talk, this may include talk about the latest news, sports or weather. Be ready to provide at least 3 legitimate references who can vouch for you and provide positive feedback about you.

4.    Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake, (this promotes a SENSE OF CONFIDENCE ) and use the interviewer's last name (Mr. or Mrs.).  If you are uncertain of the pronunciation, ask the employer to repeat it.

5.    Follow the interviewer's leads by showing your enthusiasm through eye contact and maintaining an interested expression. Make good eye contact, but don't stare. Your BODY LANGUAGE sends a clear message of understanding.

6.    COMMUNICATION SKILLS are a big part of the interview. Answer questions politely, articulately, and in a clear yet brief manner. Convey a sense of confidence and enthusiasm for the position as well as flexibility. If the interviewer asks a question such as "Tell me about some of the companies you've worked for in the past", limit your response to a 1 or 2 minute answer highlighting the most important details including your achievements. For example: sales records, awards, systems installed, etc. Also, be attentive and listen to what the interviewer has to say. You can also show your interest in the position by asking questions related to the job, for example;

"what is expected of me, what are the requirements for this job?"



Be sure to avoid asking questions regarding salary and time off. Don't lean or slump on the interviewer's desk, touch anything on the desk, read or appear to read anything that may be out in the open on the desk. Do not smoke or chew gum. Avoid negative statements regarding previous employers or colleagues .   Don't overstay your welcome.



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